Giving Back

Here at POPiTPAL™, part of our mission is to have a little fun popping pimples.

The other part is to spread kindness into the world.  

Six years ago, our daughter, noticed that bullying was becoming such a big problem at her school.  At just ten years old, she started "Kidz Against Bullying," a movement to help spread awareness in our community.  She orchestrated a flash mob at the elementary school and set up tents at local events to share her message.   Six years later, she's still passionate about helping spread kindness and compassion into the world. 

While we love providing a fun product for people, what we really love is giving back. 

Inspired by our daughters' movement, we will be donating a portion of every sale to charities that support kindness and the anti-bullying movement.

Thank YOU for helping us take a stand against cyberbullying,  bullying in all forms, and making this world a better place.  

We appreciate you and we are grateful to you.